8th Annual CAMH Charity Gala Fundraiser

ENGAGE was the perfect title theme for the 8th annual CAMH charity gala fundraiser held November 17th at Ricarda’s on Peter Street. You see these signature events do engage the next generation of young professionals and other philanthropic individuals who understand how mental health research and programs truly saves lives. For decades CAMH has helped people of all ages living with mental illness find answers and hope. The recent pandemic made their services even more necessary due to the stress of loneliness we all went through like no other time we have shared. Guest speakers in their remarks all echoed the message of “solutions without restrictions” being what is needed these days. Funds raised this evening will go to the CAMH Research Centre, but you can still help by visiting; camh.ca Our thanks to Rebecca for the invitation to raise awareness by covering the event. Jody Glaser

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