Twilight Symphony At The Castle

A tradition that goes back 100 years has returned with the Casa Loma Twilight Symphony At The Castle. You see when Casa Loma was an upscale hotel, big-band music was the rage going into Prohibition. Few could compare with the Orange Blossoms, later renamed the Casa Loma Orchestra which toured extensively into the 1940’s.

Thanks to the late Maestro Kerry Stratton in 2014 and today, under the direction of Maestro Paolo Busato, that experience returned. A lot of care went into these series of themed concert evenings starting with an 800 foot walk in the tunnel under Austin Terrace.

Some wonderful big band images are presented along with the movies they were featured in, as you finally reach the Carriage Room and stable areas. There were no shortage of candles in creating this romantic destination.

The theme when I attended was “Night at the Movies” taking us through some of the best know movie music of the decades from James Bond, to themes from Mission Impossible, Titanic, Chicago and much more. I really enjoyed how Catriona Delaney set up what was to come next with some fascinating history of the music to come. Of course Maestro Paolo Busato was a marvel to watch directing these mostly young musicians. Our thanks to Liberty Group and Susan Willemsen of the Siren Group for this invitation to attend.

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